Beer tasting coming up
All my beer-drinking friends are invited to a beer tasting event next week. Come savor some Belgian specialties!
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How To Earn Money in Dubai


The economy is tough and there is also market, so it is probably the right time to boost your income a little bit. There are strict rules in the UAE, however, your main job involves finance outside. Therefore, before you join any activity that uses your expertise, getting permission from your company sponsor is always best. So lets talk about How To Earn Money in Dubai or you can say how to earn extra money in dubai.
However, note that the United Arab Emirates has strict rules for any side projects involving financial transactions. To avoid the hassle, take the time to check with authorized firms, to know if you will need a business, e-commerce or freelance license and whether you need to register for VAT or not.

Teach A LanguageAre you bilingual? Lucky you – you already have a sellable skill. Reham Hasan from Egypt can speak Arabic, English, Italian and Japanese, all fluently. ‘I used to teach languages when I was back in Egypt so I just started again when I moved here,’ says Reham, who we found advertising on a popular online noticeboard. ‘Not only do I make some income, but I’m especially interested in teaching Arabic to English, Italian and Japanese people as it’s a good language exchange.’ Of course, you get to meet new people and learn about different cultures too. Spinneys noticeboards are a popular arena for advertising language and teaching services, as well as the online classifieds.

Teach Music LessonsCan you play the sitar? The double bass? Or perhaps the ukulele? You never know – there may be a big demand waiting to be met out there. See the box below for tips on promoting your services. Just be sure to check with your work sponsor and whether you need a special licence first!